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Default Wife vs Mistress

I moved into a new apartment building recently, ran into an old boyfriend in the lobby, and found out that he was also living in this building. I was shocked to see this guy. The last time that I saw Ed, he was living on the other side of town. We had split up on pretty good terms and he invited me to a party at his place on Friday night so I accepted.
Now here’s where things really get interesting. I arrived at the party and got another shock. He’s married !! Ed greeted me at the door, ushered me in, mixed me a drink, and then introduced me to several people including his wife ,Corine !! This was a little awkward, but I kept my composure, said nice to meet Corine and extended my hand to shake hers. She looked me up and down with a disgusted look on her face, gave me a brief, very cold handshake, turned, and walked away. Not only was I surprised to find out that Ed was married, Corine didn’t seem like his type. He’d always been attracted to women like me, hot little blondes with big tits. She was the complete opposite. Corine was tall,sexy, with long shapely legs, crystal blue eyes, and long flowing auburn colored hair. She was wearing a leather mini skirt and a white clingy top made of very sheer material. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra, left little to the imagination. She has a cute little pair of ice cream cone shaped tits, topped with big stiff nipples, that were poking thru the material of her revealing top.

Every attempt to carry on a conversation with Ed that evening was met with the evil eye from Corine. I left the party early and went home. I ran into Ed a few days later and he asked me stop in for a drink. I said no thanks your wife really doesn’t like me. He said don’t worry about that, she’s at her mother’s and won’t be home for hours. So we drank and sat around reminiscing. He said that his marriage wasn’t going all that well and that he’d been thinking about me quite a bit lately. He also said that he regretted that we’d split up. We were sitting close to each other on the couch, and after a few drinks all I could think of was how badly I wanted this guy to fuck me. I put my hand on his leg and seductively moved it closer to his crotch. That led to a very passionate kiss. He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. He kissed me, uzipped my dress, unclasped my bra and let them fall to the floor. He took his clothes off and we got into bed.

Was I crazy? This guy is married and I shouldn’t be here. But I couldn’t stop now. Ed was hitting all the right buttons as always. He kissed me passionately, licked and kissed my neck, fondled my D Cup boobs, and gently sucked my very erect nipples. Suddenly,he stopped. We heard the bathroom door slam shut. Did his wife come home early? The bedroom door opened slowly. It was Corine. She stood there wearing nothing but a pair of black silk panties.
I guess she took her clothes off in the bathroom. Her jaw dropped when she saw me, in her bed, with her husband.
She started screaming at both of us like a wild woman. She had this crazy look on her face and I was really starting to get scared. She ran towards us, grabbed me by the hair, pulled me off the bed, and forced me to my knees. She had a handful of my hair in one hand and was punching me in the face and tits with the other. She was pounding me and screaming you little fucking slut, you tramp, you fucking bitch. I grabbed her leg and took a bite out of her thigh. She let out a loud scream and let go of my hair. I got up and ran to the bedroom door, trying my best to escape. The crazy, jealous, bitch was right behind me and grabbed two handfulls of my hair. I elbowed her in the stomach. She let go of my hair and held her stomach in pain in pain. I made a fist and punched her on the chin. She staggered backwards tripped over a pair of shoes and hit the ground. I grabbed my dress and ran for the door a second time, but she recovered quickly and headed me off. We each grabbed two handfuls of hair and then she managed to trip me. I fell and landed on my back with her on top of me. We were on the floor, face to face and tit to tit. She wrapped her hands around my neck and screamed, I’m going to kill you, you little fucking slut! This crazy bitch was trying to choke me to death. I struggled to throw her off me but couldn’t. So I wrapped my hands around her skinny little neck and squeezed with all my strength. At the same time I wrapped my legs around her ribs and scissored the bitch. Much to her dismay,
I was winning the choke battle. Her face was turning bright red and she was frantically gasping for air. I squeezed even harder. She released her grip on my neck and desperately tried to pry my hands away from hers. She was gagging and wimpering stop it,you’re choking me, I can’t breathe.I squeezed the cunt’s throat even harder, rolled her off me, and got on top. I sat on her and continued to choke the bitch until her body went completely limp and she was almost unconcious. I got to my feet and looked at her on the floor. She was laying there flat on her back, semi – concious, and staring up at me. To be honest she’s attractive with a nice body but her tits were even smaller than I had originally thought. She looked tiny compared to me, but I’ll admit to being a bit envious of this woman’s enormous nipples. They’re easily an inch long, very thick, and at least twice the size of mine. I sat on the bed, and took a few minutes to compose myself. I gave Ed a nice long kiss, grabbed my dress, and headed out the bedroom door. I thought the fight was over but the fucking bitch recovered and came after me again !! She dragged me back into the bedroom.. We each grabbed 2 handfuls of her hair and staggered around the room for what seemed like an eternity. We were both breathing heavily. The musky smell of our hot sweaty bodies filled the room as we struggled against one another and savagely pulled each other around the room by the hair. She was still screaming at me, calling me a bitch, a slut, a cow,and a skank. I was starting to get tired but still managed to push her up against the wall and bounced her head off of it a few times. That seemed to weaken her a little so I bounced her head off the wall again and her grip on my hair loosened up a bit. I bounced the bitch’s head off that wall 2 more times and the last one put a good sized hole in the dry wall. She released my hair, her arms dropped to her sides,her body went limp, and her knees buckled. I bounced her head off the wall one more time.She was groaning and had this dazed look on her face. I let go of her hair and she slowly slithered down the wall and landed on her butt. It sent chill through my entire body. I’ve never been in a fight before, but I still managed to beat the living shit out of this really tall redheaded bitch. I glanced over at Ed who was still lying on the bed. I could tell from the expression on his face and the stiff dick between his legs that he was thoroughly enjoying this. How many guys are lucky enough to see their wife fight an ex girlfriend ? Not to mention that we’re fighting topless and very excited, given the fact that our rock hard nipples were sticking strait out like bullets.
I looked down at Corine, and at this point she was little more than a semi-conscious play thing, so I decided to teach this bitch a lesson she’d never forget.I wanted to completely humiliate this fucking cunt right in front of her husband. She’d soon regret ever starting a fight with me. I pulled my panties off, bent over slightly, and rubbed my hot, sweaty, ass and pussy all over her face. I could hear her wimpering, stop, please stop, you win. I said kiss my ass bitch. At first she refused so I slapped her across the face a few times until she agreed. I could hear Ed breathing heavily, as I forced his completely helpless wife to repeatedly kiss my naked ass. I said how did that taste bitch and pulled her back up to a standing position by the hair. I held her up against the wall with one hand and slapped her face and tits with the other. I could hear Ed in the background wispering, oh ya baby keep smacking those little titties. So I did. Her tits became my main target. She was grunting and groaning with each slap delivered to her perky little boobs and then she started moaning when I pulled and twisted her big, fat nipples. It was really hard to tell if I was hurting her or if the bitch was enjoying it. But, I was elated.This fucking cunt was completely at my mercy. When I was done working over her tits, I bounced her fucking head off the wall one more time and then tossed her skanky ass halfway across the room. She hit the ground with a loud thud. I tied her hands together with my bra, stuffed my panties in her mouth, and then got back into bed and fucked her husband’s brains out right in front of her.
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great story Newmill!!! So Corine learns to be jealous. hahaha! Great humiliating ending with Corine repeatedly forced to kiss the mistress'ass while the lucky guy was watching and panting all excited. Well, who wouldn't?
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that was a great story. good job
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Newmill , This was a great story. I hope that you will post more stories soon.

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Toooo good a story. Simply irresistible. Please write more stories like this. Thanks.
Love to see trash talking submission catfight, with the winner humiliating the loser in the end.. OH YEAH, YES.... Eh.. Ain't I Devilish
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All I have to say is more, more, more! Hope to see more stories from you. Better yet, hope she's not done w/ Corine. She enjoyed it so much the 1st time. Don't see what's stopping her from going back reclaiming her man & have a new pet for that matter!
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