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Default NEW high school girlfight

Megan Pratt vs. Madison DeLong: Wrath of Megan!

Megan was a 16 year-old Junior in High School, with a great butt and full breasts. Her abs were nice and trim. She was a red head with very tan skin, about 5'8". She wore a black bikini bottom and high-cropped red tight t-shirt. She stepped onto the mat and assumed a fighting position.
Madison was slightly younger, a 15-year old blonde sophmore with a curvy midriff, good sized boobs and a tight, sleek butt, about 5'6". She was wearing very tight denim jeans, which accentuated her curves and hips quite nicely, and a blue push up bra so her rack looked larger. She came onto the mat ready to duke it out with the older fighter Megan.
The bell rung, and it was on. Megan struck first with a hair grab that made Maddy grunt in suprise, and followed up with a punch to the crotch. Maddy was stunned, but followed up with a short string of belly punches to Megan's navel while she was winding up a kick move. Megan clutched her tight abs in pain, while Megan struck her in the boobs. Megan shrieked "AAAAAUHGGGG" in a girly voice and fell backwards, grabbing her breasts and breathing heavily. Madison bent over to pick her up but was kicked in her curvy midriff with both of Megan's feet. "UMMMPGH", she said in a pained but womanly tone, and fell forward clutching her belly.
Her butt came up first as she stood back up, and Megan, who had walked behind her to get into a better attack position, got a nice view. Madison countered with a roundhouse to the breasts, damaging Megan's rack again. Stunned, but not out, Megan punched Maddy on the side of the head, leaving her dazed. Madison DeLong stood there, chest and stomach heaving sexily, head tilting from side-to-side, almost K.O.ed.
The judge announced "Finish Her" and Megan started her well-rehearsed combo. First, she punched her hard in the midriff, bending her over. Then, she put used her superior height to get her left leg over Madison's head, and threw her to the ground. Then, kneeling over her with her knees on Madison's sides, she squeezed to cut off her air flow from her stomach and hammerheaded her in the boobs.
Madison reacted in this order from the start of the finisher: "HUUUUUHHHH!", then "UGHM..." and finally her "death cry" at the headbutt, "UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHGGGG....HUA!". She lay on the mat, curvy body spread out, chest and abs heaving for breath. The judge shouted "K.O.!" and then "Megan Pratt wins!"
Megan than took off her top and pranced around the mat, celebrating her victory.
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