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Default Cavalier letter from Maureen's husband

Cavalier Magazine Online

Maureen vs. Marilyn
By Reenfan
This past 4th of July weekend my wife's friend’s husband and I discovered that we both had a love of catfighting. I told him that my wife Maureen was featured in several editions of Cavalier magazine years ago. Her catfights with Dee were actually made into a cartoon format. I showed him a few of the old Fight Time letters depicting Maureen's fights.
He couldn't believe it. He told me his wife Marilyn was in a short fight with another female during their honeymoon, but that was the only time she fought. He told me that Marilyn ripped off the other woman's blouse and went after her breasts. He asked me if I thought we could get Maureen and Marilyn to catfight each other somehow for our pleasure. We came up an idea. He would show Maureen's catfight letters to Marilyn and tell her how much he was turned on by them. He would tell Marilyn how much it excited him to see her catfight another woman.
The next day Marilyn and her husband came over. Marilyn started talking about the letters. Maureen looked at me and said “you weren't supposed to show them to anyone”. Marilyn asked Maureen if the stories were true. Maureen told her the fights actually happened but she was much younger and jealous in those days.
Marilyn said “what about me and you having a go at it in front of our husbands?” I looked at Marilyn's husband and both our eyes lit up. Maureen said she didn't know. Marilyn's husband said “To make it more interesting, I think we should bet five hundred dollars on the fight”. I agreed.
Marilyn looked at Maureen and said “to make it even more interesting, I think the winner should get to suck off the loser's husband's cock right after the fight”. Maureen glared at Marilyn. This got Maureen's attention. It turns out that Marilyn had told Maureen years ago that she loved to give blowjobs. Marilyn had once bragged to Maureen that she was the blowjob queen of her high school. Maureen confided in me that she knew that Marilyn always wanted to suck my cock.
Well anyway, that sealed the deal. Our wives glared at each other as we went over the rules of the catfight. No punching, scratching or biting. Everything else was allowed. They would fight topless and wear only panties. The one to give up was the loser.
Marilyn, still glaring at Maureen said “you mean it's ok if I rip her sloppy tits off?' Maureen sneered at Marilyn and said “I just want you to know that they used to call me ‘the cunt mauler', and you're going to find out why, bitch”.
There was obviously some deep underlying bitterness between these two females that we had tapped into. The fight was set for later that day.
I spent the rest of the afternoon clearing a large area in my living room. Maureen told me that she thought she might be getting a little old for this sort of thing, but she wanted to teach Marilyn a lesson she'd never forget.
Marilyn and her husband arrived on time. We reviewed the rules again and escorted our wives to the living room. Without a word being spoken, Maureen and Marilyn started to disrobe. I was surprised at the size of Marilyn's boobs. She was bigger breasted than I thought she would be. Her nipples were dark and large and her tits sagged slightly.
Maureen's tits are a little smaller with nice pink pointy nipples on them. I love how Maureen's rigid nipples always protrude thru her tops.
Both women have a touch of cellulite in their thighs. I happen to like it; it makes them jiggle a lot.
The two women were now about to confront each other. Marilyn's white panties were high cut and allowed a good bit of her furry bush to protrude out the sides of her crotch. I knew Maureen would make that big pussy one of her favorite targets.
Marilyn said “are you ready to do this bitch?” Maureen said “I'm ready to beat your fat ass in front of your husband, skank. Then I'm going to suck his big dick dry while you watch licking your wounds.”
Marilyn was pissed. Her eyes grew wild as she rushed at Maureen as both women went immediately for the hair. The fight was on.
Both women wear their dark hair a little on the short side. Marilyn's hair is a bit longer. As the two women tugged furiously at each other’s hair, their breasts bobbed and swayed about wildly. At this point Marilyn's husband and I both whipped out our hardons and began stroking ourselves as our wives fought it out in front of us.
Oblivious to us jerking off, for the next several minutes Maureen and Marilyn yanked one another back and forth by the hair, hissing obscenities at each other.
As Maureen pulled at the hair on the left side of Marilyn's head she grabbed Marilyn's ear in the process causing Marilyn to screech from the pain. Marilyn quickly put Maureen in a tight headlock under her left arm. Marilyn continued to yank on Maureen's hair. My wife was in trouble.
Marilyn now began to send stinging smacks to Maureen's dangling titties with her right hand. Maureen groaned loudly with each slap that landed on her tender boobs. Marilyn then grasped Maureen's hanging right nipple and twisted it unmercifully.
Maureen took her right fist, reached between Marilyn's legs from behind and sent her fist smashing up into Marilyn's twat. Marilyn gasped from the pain between her legs. She now started delivering punches to Maureen's hanging breasts. So much for the rules.
Maureen grabbed a handful of Marilyn's cunt meat right thru her panties and squeezed hard. Maureen then ripped open Marilyn's panty crotch. Marilyn was wise to finally release the headlock before her snatch was plucked bald.
The two females separated for a few seconds. Their chests heaved heavily as they tried to catch their breath before resuming the fight. Marilyn removed the tattered material that was once her panties. Marilyn's pussy was pretty thick and untrimmed. Maureen removed her panties to make things even. Maureen's cunt hair is not as dense as Marilyn's but the hairs are longer and Maureen's bush is also untrimmed.
The women took a second to glance over at us as we continued to stroke our dicks. I noticed Marilyn smile and lick her lips as she looked at my cock. Maureen picked up on this and she rushed at Marilyn grabbing her by both tits. Marilyn retaliated by sinking her fingers into Maureen's breasts.
Maureen dug her fingers into the undersides of Marilyn's boobs as she pressed her thumbs into the tops of each tit. Marilyn's face was racked with pain as she grasped Maureen's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Marilyn twisted Maureen's nipples from side to side and then yanked the rigid flesh up and down.
With her nipples getting mangled, Maureen decided to focus her attack below the belt. She knew the vagina was the most sensitive area and she went for the kill. With her left hand still full of Marilyn's right tit, Maureen got a good grip on a clump of Marilyn's bush. She tore at the short hairs stretching the soft flesh of Marilyn's womanhood. I could actually hear the cunt hair being ripped from Marilyn's pubic mound. Marilyn was almost in tears.
Maureen grabbed another handful of Marilyn's pussy and did the same. As she pulled away Maureen lost her balance falling backward onto the carpet. Marilyn was on her like a wildcat. Landing on Maureen's right side Marilyn pinned Maureen's right arm under her knee. This afforded Marilyn a clear shot at Maureen's exposed crotch.
Both of Marilyn's hands went to work on Maureen's womanhood. Marilyn's left hand yanked on some of Maureen's long pussy hairs as her right hand found Maureen's clit and began squeezing the tender flesh. Maureen's free left hand could not pry Marilyn's claws from her vulnerable cunt. Marilyn decided to finish this thing. She grasped Maureen's cunt lips between her fingers and pulled them in opposite directions as roughly as she could. The supple flesh was stretched beyond its limits. Maureen cried out from the torture and yelled “I give you bitch. Let go of my cunt”.
Marilyn rose from her knees with a big sexy smile on her face. She immediately kneeled between my legs and began licking my balls. She then took my full hardon into her mouth. Marilyn's husband ejaculated as he watched. As I watched Maureen rub her sore tits and pussy, I shot a full load into Marilyn's mouth. She swallowed it and then proceeded to lick me dry.

Cavalier Magazine Online
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