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Default My wife's story

No, she didn't get in a fight. I'm not one of those guys who is lucky enough to have his significant other find out about their fetish and go challenge some other woman.

But I *am* lucky enough to have an understanding wife with some writing talent She started writing erotic fight stories for me, and now we're sharing them with the world.

Catfight stories: My first story pt. 1

My First Story, Part 1

I was nervous and I was mad, and I was fighting to decide which one I would be more. And if mad won, that wasn't the only fighting I was about to do.

Jessica had been threatening me all summer. I'm 18 years old, I thought I'd moved past this sort of shit, but here we are. I'm not sure what bothered her most about me. The fact that I was going on to college and she wasn't? That I had natural blonde hair and everyone knew she dyed? That her trailer-trash boyfriend looked at me in a way he never would her? Yeah, it was probably that last one.

LaFromboise is not a large town. I couldn't just avoid her, not without killing my social life. Drinking down by the lake is about all there is to do on a weekend, and that's what we all did. And Meaghan, my best friend, had warned me that Jessica had been overheard at Dairy Queen saying that she intended to stop talking and start punching on me tonight. "Denise is going to bleed tonight like the bitch she is," she'd told some friends. Fuck.

Sitting at home in my bedroom, I considered my options. Yeah, I could stay home tonight. And tomorrow night. And next weekend. And then after that, I'd be going to a private college halfway across the state. But part of me was just too mad to let it go.

I sized up my chances in my head. I'd never been in a fight. I'm a little on the tall side for a woman at 5-foot-8. I'm a good athlete, slim and fast, all-region basketball and field hockey. I hated to think about this, but my slightly-bigger-than-average tits had been nice for attracting boys but hell on the basketball court. An elbow to the tit hurts a bit, and I couldn't help but think that a punch might be just as bad. At least I'd been keeping my nails long.

I wasn't sure how tall Jessica was, but definitely a couple of inches shorter than me. Small, but with a definite pooch poking out when she wore soemthing that showed her midriff. She smoked quite a bit, and she didn't play sports, so I doubted she was in real good shape. But she'd been scrapping since she was old enough to walk. That was the big problem.

But I'd seen her fight, and other girls too. There didn't seem to be a lot of technique or experience to it, just a lot of flailing until one girl got on top of the other or they both got worn out. I was in better shape and taller, so I guessed I could pull this off. Jessica was going down.

Now that I'd decided to go through with the fight, I felt even more nervous. A ball tightened in my stomach, and oddly enough my nipples got a little hard.
I glanced at the Hello Kitty clock on my wall. 6:45. Nobody would be showing up at the lake until about eight, so I had a little time to think.

What do I wear to a fight? Sports bra, for sure. Probably my lucky blue one from basketball. It was early fall, weather not an issue. Long sleeves would mean less chance of scratches on my arm, short sleeves would be tougher to grab on to. Pants would mean less range of motion, shorts would be more exposed. I decided I wanted a little more protection, so I laid out a black, long-sleeved top and jeans. Nice and simple.

I had some time, so I took a nice, hot shower. I stood there with the water running over me, and tried hard to relax. How bad coud it be? No worse than a good, rough field-hockey match. My friends would all be there to step in if it got out of hand. The hot water soothed my stomach.

After the shower, I dried off and pulled my hair into the tighest bun I could get. No reason to let that bitch get a grip on it. I got dressed, got into my car and drove out to the lake.

There were quite a few people there already, and all heads turned to me when I got out of the car. Most of them male. I should have known, the chance to see a good-looking girl get it on always drew a crowd.

Parts 2-4 on the site now, more upcoming.

Catfight stories
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