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Default Wife gets dominated

My wife is a wrestler and has been for a few years. She is quite beautiful and will only wrestle women her size and age to keep it fair. Her record is 14-2 with this last loss coming at the hands of an Aisan American woman. I don't think I can go into too much detail because the fight ended suprisingly with my wife getting eroticly worked over to multiple orgasms and was too weak from the beating she took to work out of the hold. I will try and post the fight, however, it may get rejected due to content. It was hard to watch her get dominated like that, but yet, very exciting as well.

I am still writing the details of this tremendous fight. I am trying to remember all the details so everyone can enjoy the material. When I am done I will post the story for all to read.

The match

My wife is 5’2” tall and weighs 107. Short brown hair, green eyes, 36C, and a perfect body. She is very strong for her size and has never been submitted. Her opponent was an Asian American girl named Lauren. She is 5’3” tall and weighs 105. She has straight black hair about shoulder length.

The rules were only one. No permanent damage to either ones face. No fists to the face, or nails across the face.

The women were to wrestle on a gym mat that was laid in our family room to give them a little cushion from the floor. My wife had on white boy shorts and a sports bra. Lauren was in a two piece red bikini.

They circled each other then locked their hands around the others neck and jockeyed for position. Pulling each other to try and get the upper hand. Lauren quickly pulled my wife’s head down and brought her right knee right into my wife’s sternum. You could tell right then that it was very painful and my wife went to both knees. Lauren dropped to her knees behind my wife and grabbed her into a chin lock with her knee between my wife’s shoulder blades. Pulling upward and back my wife grimaced in pain. Her arms waving and trying to pull Lauren’s hands off her chin. Lauren released her hold on my wife came to her front pulled her to her feet and put a huge right fist in the middle of my wife’s stomach. It was very evident this gal knew how to inflict pain quickly. My wife doubled over and went back to both knees holding her stomach. Lauren grabbed a handful of hair and yanked my wife to her back. She pulled my wife’s hands away from her stomach and proceeded to apply an abdominal claw to my wife’s exposed stomach. My wife’s legs came off the floor, and she screamed as Lauren inflicted even more pain to my defenseless wife. After a couple of minutes, she released like she was bored with that hold and let’s go to another. She pulled my wife to a sitting position, my wife’s arms hanging to her side, stepped in behind her and gave my wife another hammer fist to the sternum. My wife fell directly back sprawled on the floor and just spent. She was just no match for this Asian gal.

Here is the good stuff. Lauren then put her left leg on my wife’s right arm to hold her down. She put her left arm under my wife’s neck and grabbed my wife’s left wrist to keep that arm away. Lauren then took my wife’s sports bra off and those beautiful 36’s popped out. My wife was rolling her head side to side and arching her back but could not get away from the hold. Lauren started flicking my wife’s nipple with her tongue and my wife went crazy. Rolling her legs, arching her back, kicking, but to no avail. Lauren’s tongue was moving fast across my wife’s now erect nipple. She held my wife down with ease and worked her tits and nipples until my wife’s body started weakening from the pleasure. She reached to my wife’s thighs and opened them up and to my surprise, my wife’s panties were soaking wet from excitement. Lauren reached inside her panties and you could see that she was doing a number on my wife’s clit. My wife’s head rolling back and forth, pinned, helpless to the assault, but extremely excited. My wife left leg fell wide open to the fingers of Lauren, her right leg cocked up with her foot on the ground. Lauren working away on my wife’s pussy. Lauren reached her right hand under my wife’s butt and slid her panties off then stuck two fingers into my wife’s exposed pussy. I could hear my wife moaning and her body now starting to move with the fingers of Lauren. Lauren was like a well oiled machine, working deep into my wife’s womanhood, but not too fast, just keeping my wife on the edge. My wife had no fight left in her and was still trying to escape the erotic assault. Lauren now had my wife weak enough, she released her arms, opened my wife’s legs, laid in front of her, wrapped her arms around my wife’s great legs, spread her pussy apart with her hands and started on my wife’s clit with her tongue. My wife could not resist, she arched her back, slamming her ass on the mat a couple of times, then opened her legs even wider and accepted the tongue. My wife’s head still rolling from side to side this time in ecstasy. Her body started quivering and I knew it was just a matter of time before she reached an orgasm. Lauren was absolutely a pro as she worked my wife over and over. My wife finally had all she could take and screamed and moaned loudly as she came all over the face of Lauren. Her orgasm lasted about 30 seconds and was intense.

After my wife came, Lauren calmly got up, laid across my wife’s chest, pinned her arms to the mat, and counted to five. The match was over with my wife exhausted, beaten, and sexually satisfied.

Lauren took my wife a couple of more times after the pin, and each time my wife did not fight back but laid there and enjoyed the assault on her pussy and nipples.

It was hard to watch her get dominated, but I promise, our sex has been fantastic since the match.

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i would love to see this video! please post it or let me know where i can find it
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Try to post the details if you can.
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Red face

Sounds like a great experience you had. I would be great if you could share some photos or video. You are certainly a lucky man having a wife that catfights to such extreme limits. Wish her all the best for her future matches.
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Default Hi

Would like to see the video not seen two women wrestlers fighting in the ring till date
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Default Wow

Her match really sounds like it was super sexy to watch. I sure hope she wasn't hurt badly. You are very lucky to not only see her wrestle and catfight, but, obviously, also to include rules that allow erotic activities.

It would be really great to hear about the match.

What were the agreed on rules? What do the two women look like? Did either break the rules? Any details would be awesome! Thanks!
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my wife has also been dominated and sexually abused by another woman. and to worsen the other woman was much smaller than I've seen it all, but I'll tell you! I wonder how the first was the fight of his wife
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Red face My Mom got Dominated by another women after losing

My mom got dominated by another women after losing her fight.

Mom was pined pretty fair.

But after the match that was not enough for the women who beat mom.

She came back and attacked mom from the back and tied moms arms from behind and she started taking moms clothes off of mom.

Once she had mom naked she sat mom down on the floor naked.

Mom did not know what to do at that time.
But 5 min after when she striped mom naked she started doing sexual things to mom.

She got mom on her hands and knees and started putting her fingures in moms bum and on her vagina area mom acted shy and did not want to get excited because I was there.

But 5 min latter this women was getting mom from behind real fast like and mom was screaming out loud sex sounds of enjoyment.

This went on for a good 20 min before they stoped.
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The story is now posted
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Tell you the truth.
Bud I really don't beleve you.

Because your story is to detailed into the story if it was real.

And this story comes from that porn web site called the ultamate

And when you stop and think about it.
WHY would you stand and just watch your wife get Raped infront of you like that.

Would you not call POLICE. ?
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