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Default CFNF Fights

Hi folks:
I am new to his message board.

On the One Click Chicks Message Board under the ENF (Embarrassed Nude Females) categotry I started several months ago what has now become a lengthy thread called “CFNF Wrestling – Lisa Comshaw, etc.”

I have posted a lot of photos and several stories dealing with my favorite form of a catfight or wrestling match – a one-sided battle that ends with the victor fully clothed and the loser totally nude (therefore, CFNF).

I have become somewhat disillusioned by the lack of response to my postings on that message board. It makes me think that perhaps I am on the wrong forum trying to reach the wrong audience.

Therefore, in an attempt to find my audience, I did a Google search for “catfight stories” and found this forum listed at the top. I read several threads here and finally joined today.

The reason I started a CFNF fight thread is because there is so little of that type of material produced today in either the embarrassed nude female or catfight/wrestling genre.

Oh sure, there is a lot of CFCF, NFNF and topless and bikini/lingerie matches produced, but so few sites that have matches that end with the victorious woman fully clothed and their hapless opponents naked.

Double Trouble produces a small number of those type of videos, mostly featuring veteran festish wrestler Lisa Comshaw in the role of the naked loser. Women’s World out of Florida also has matches that end CFNF, as does Les Femmes Fatales, at least two with Robin stripping Lisa.

But so much of what I see posted here and on other message boards and websites feature women equally clothed or unclothed.

I don’t mind producers sticking with a fromula that has worked since catfight material started gaining popularity in the 1950s with the great Bettie Page and other SM models, but I want to encourage producers to start thinking outside the box and consider the market for CFNF.

I do that by participating in these type of message boards, trying to drum up support from people who have an interest in the female fight fetish, especially those who share my particular niche.

My threads will have the simple heading of “CFNF Fights.”

Despite the limited CFNF material out there, I have a large number of images dealing with that genre that I will share with you. Some have been posted to the One Click Chicks message board. So those of you who are members of both that board and this one, please be patient.

In time, I will post material to this board that I have not previously posted there or elsewhere. (For now, I also will continue to contribute to OCC as well because I don’t want to lose what little audience I may have there.)

Also, the initial story I will post here has previously appeared on the OCC board, but it will be new to many of you because not everybody belongs to every message board.

As I said, I am attempting to establish my favorite form of the catfight fetish on this board and find an appreciative audience.

If there is no interest in my kink I will go quitely away. But if you like what I post, please let me know about it with a short response or share images and stories of this theme. If you have criticisms, please share those as well.

Also, to those of you who are more into the pure catfighting and the standard stuff that is produced, in no way am I saying that my particular taste in this fetish is any better than yours.

To the individual who likes a good, old-fashioned, clothes-ripping, hair-pulling, even-steven fight between two good-looking, athletic gals, God bless you. There is a lot of stuff out there to satisfy your taste.

I am just saying that I would like the producers out there to increase the small size of their inventory of one-sided CFNF matches because I feel there is a silent -- and growing -- number of fans who like to see fights that end with one woman clothed and dominating a nude woman.

Later today I will be posting several photos of the type of material I like under the photos category and a lengthy piece of fiction under the stories category.

I hope you enjoy and comment on what I post.


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I certainly understand where you are coming from.

I get a lot of hits on my website, but very few people actually leave comments or participate in any of the threads I post.

It is frustrating at times when you get very little praise or criticism. It leaves you kind of stuck in the middle, because you don't know if people enjoy what you are doing or not.

However, my hits keep going up, so people are obviously somewhat interested.

So, just because you get a lack of response, does not mean people are not watching.

Just my 2 cents for the moment.
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well i hope you find the interest you are looking for here.

Keep posting guys, the forum is becoming much more alive now. I was away for 2 weeks and can't keep up reading the new threads.
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I good way to encourage discussion is with open ended questions at the end of your posts. Encouraging posts is also a good way to get responses.

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I think your absolutely right. Catfight producers have missed the mark for so long I have almost given up. Keep up the good work!
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