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Default I Write Catfight and Apartment Wrestling Stories

I am looking for Natural Blondes, who'd like me to write about them in a fight with a brunette. I need your measurements ( And Theirs) and if possible a picture. (Optional)

Brunette's Id be happy to write about you as well!

Here is a sample.

Our match tonight is between Mercedes and Porsche. That’s right like the cars.
Both of these contenders are models by trade that is why tonight there will be no assaults to the face. Other than that any where else is fair game.
Mercedes enters the room first. She is wearing a; pacific blue, cotton, spandex, mini dress.. She is tall at five eleven. Her elegant breasts and firm pink nipples are a 36C and her waist is 25 and her midsection is flat and taught. She has very curvy hips that measure out at 35. She is an all natural light colored blonde and has deep green eyes. Her face is like the girl next door and her smile makes everyone feel like the first day of spring. She weighs in at 120 Lbs. But when you piss her off she becomes a lioness.
Porsche is five foot nine and 119 lbs of pure Brunette satisfaction. Her 34C breasts are smaller in size than Mercedes, but her nipples are a dark brown and definitely more rigid. She is wearing dark brown cotton spandex mini dress. Her deep blue eyes make her a mysterious tigress as she enters the room after Mercedes.
Both women are in five inch stilettos as they promenade about the room. When they are called to battle they are asked to remove them for safety. Porsche and Mercedes than begin their trash talking which is customary in a catfight match.
“So Ms. All Natural, I bet you believe you have a chance.” Porsche retorts as she circles her blonde opponent. “I’m going to suffocate you into submission Barbie.” Porsche continues, while pulling down the top of her dress revealing her firm breasts.
“Porsche, Porsche, you brunette bitch, victory will be mine, I’ll make you beg while pinning you down with these long silky legs.” Mercedes affirms as she models her long lightly tanned legs.
The signal is given. Porsche lunges for the blonde. Mercedes counteracts and they meet in a tangle of arms and legs. Long fingers begin to tug on locks of; deep brown and light blonde hair.
Models have tone legs, the catwalk demands it. Right now they are being tested as they try to remain standing. Porsche and Mercedes’ heads are pulled from side to side as they continue to yank each other's hair.
Porsche begins to achieve an advantage and Mercedes begins to shriek. The blonde then tries to counter by releasing the brunette’s hair and engulfing Porsche’s left breasts with her right hand. “Are these real?” Mercedes sneers as she now has both breasts under assault.
The brunette begins to howl and let’s go of Mercedes’ blonde tresses. “So you want a tit battle Barbie” Porsche replies angrily as she grabs the blonde's breasts.
With determined will they both sink their manicured nails deeper into the material of the dresses, trying to inflict real torture. Both are now squealing like wild cats in the heat of battle.
Mercedes manages to force Porsche up against the wall. The blonde is now controlling the struggle and Porsche can feel her breast beginning to throb. Because the blonde is shoving the brunette against the wall she is able to apply more force. Porsche sensing she has lost the first battle reaches up and slams her right palm into Mercedes’ chin.
The blonde’s head snaps back. Porsche sees her opportunity and places a nasty knee kick to Mercedes’ pelvic area. The blonde crumples to the carpet. Porsche instantly gets behind her blonde nemesis and applies a full nelson. Mercedes’ sweet face is a mask of frustration as she is trapped by the brunette.
Now the brunette begins to dominate the fight. She forces Mercedes forward and down until she straddles the face down blonde on the carpet. “Oh Barbie I guess you won’t be victorious this time.” Porsche sneers through snarling lips and clenched teeth.
“Guess that no damage to the face rule is out the window.” Porsche laughs, as Mercedes is powerless to stop the brunette from rubbing her face into the carpet.
The blonde knows she must muster some form of escape and counter attack. The blonde then puts her sly plan into action. Mercedes gets to her knees, while her face is still in the carpet. She then uses her powerful legs and kicks straight out. This forces Porsche to fly over the blonde. If the brunette had body pressed the blonde, instead of sitting on her this plan might not have worked, but now Mercedes is on top of a face down Porsche.
Mercedes puts her former predator in a full nelson but she also applies a full body press. She thrust her body upwards adding more torture to

I hope you like the sample and please send me your story information today.
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My friends sexy wife Nancy enjoys the way you write. She would love to be in one of your stories. I have written many stories about her as well, mostly true stories but fiction as well. She is a pretty and sexy natural short haired blonde. She is 50 years old but looks no older than 40. She works out every day! She is a toned 5'8 135 pounds, with blue eyes, pouty pink lips, slightly wavy short blonde hair. She has deadly legs. She loves to scissor opponents with them. Her favorite moves are the reverse face sit with her big pale blonde butt all over a female victims face. She also really loves to use her sexy size 8 feet on an opponent. Loves to kick to the face, and foot smother her victim, she gets turned on forcing a female to kiss and smell her sexy pedicured bare feet. She loves to step on their nose and mouth with a sexy winning victory pose also. She is a strong but very feminine female!
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I'd be curious to read a story about me

5'9, 125lbs, 34D breasts, 26 years old
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Would love to hear about audrey in a breast battle! What do you think audrey?
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She's got full boobs!
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Here's a rough draft of a long fantasy catfight story I'm writing about Julia Roberts catfighting Catherine Zeta Jones at an Oscar's after-after party.

PART ONE: Know Your Role

It was a cool February morning in the Hollywood Hills. All was calm, all was relatively peaceful. That is, all except for a major motion picture studio who had just uncovered a hot story in amongst the multitudes of scripts labored over and submitted by script writers and wannabe script writers alike caught the eye of an executive at Universal Studios. Right away this exec knew they had movie GOLD sitting in the palm of their greedy hands. A deep story; a heart-wrenching tale, strong supporting characters, and an even stronger lead female character had this story being exactly what the public would shell out their money to go see once it hit theaters. Yes, this truly was a box office drama that would own the summer box office and hold strong all the way up until the red carpet at the Academy Awards the following year.... now all they needed was a lead actress. Right way a few choices came to mind, setting off a chain of events and an epic feud no one would ever foresee.

Julia Roberts, star of stage and screen, was enjoying a nice poolside tea when her phone rang. Normally, the call would go right to voicemail. But, seeing that it it was her agent, who knew better than to call this early unless something major came came across their desk, she decided it was rather important to take the call.

"Hello?" She replied, a little more curtly than intended.

"Good morning, Julia!" Greeted an overly chipper and excited voice. "How are you this morning? I'm so terribly sorry to have called this morning but I called in a favor from someone at Universal to catch a peek at a red hot script they believe has "Oscar" written all over it. They might have ahd someone else in mind, but i know you can nail this character. I feel REALLY STRONGLY about this one. It's titled "Jane's Art", and its about a woman in a wheelchair who.."

Julia cut her agent off. As agitated as she was about having her tranquil morning disrupted, Her agent did have a tendency to be right about these sort of thins. And, after all, that was the point of having an agent to begin with. Not only that, but he did say he "called in a favor." in Hollywood, a favor is well worth it's weight in gold as well as a trump card any good Hollywood agent would sell their soul for. "A Favor" could make or break anyone. "Alright. I'll come in tomorrow and give it a read." She responded, skeptically. "But let's not forget I'm looking to do that period piece with Whats-his-name for Warner Brothers also. You remember? The one about the Boston housewife conflicted during the Revolutionary War? They've already signed me to it, but they need to get those pre-production quirks all cleared up before i can really do anything else."

"You mean the "Widow Of War" movie?"

"Yes, that was the one." She sad resignedly. She could tell by her agent's tone that the movie was not one he could throw his full support behind. He didn't like the script, and the studio seemed reluctant to do any real work on it since the pre-production meetings seemed to lack any real momentum. She loved the script form beginning to end, and was already signed on as the lead role. She sighed heavily, feeling as though Widow Of War had already become a Widow Of Hollywood's Lack Of Imagination. "Fine... I'll look at this new script tomorrow."

"No need. I'll have a driver there in an hour, Julia, this movie is the perfect vehicle for you, great story, i know you can turn this story into solid gold!" Her excited agent blurted before prematurely hanging up the phone on an his A-List talent.. On the other end of the abandoned phone line, feeling less than genuinely impressed with her agent, Julia Roberts hung up her phone.

Catherine Zeta Jones was fidgeting eagerly as she sat in the meeting room at her agency's downtown office building. After struggling with the emotional drain of her husband's cancer battle, she was eager to commit to a full-time return to acting. But she didn't just want ANY script, she wanted THE script. She wanted a red-hot script with a challenging lead female role. She wanted to show Hollywood that personal crisis aside, she was ready to explode back onto the Hollywood scene. Catherine Zeta Jones wanted to make a statement, and a big one at that. As she sat in her agent's office, nerves tingled at her subconscious. Was she really ready for this? Would there be a drop dead script available for her? Would a usual brutal Hollywood really find her desirable as a lead female actress in a comeback role? She certainly hoped so.

Her agent waltzed in the meeting room with the usual shark-phony smile and overconfident stride.Firmly grasped in her agent's hand was a stack of stabled together papers. Right away she could tell there was a movie pitch. Whether it was good or bad was another issue entirely.

"Catherine! So good to see you again! How are you feeling? Are you ready to get back into he swing of things? Her agent bombarded her. Before any words could come out of her mouth as to from a response, her agent cut her off. "I've got a wonderful story for you to work with here. It's from Universal. They're interested in making this your comeback movie. They feel very strongly about casting you as the lead."

"Alright, i am listening..." she encouraged.

"It's called "Jane's Art", and it's about a woman in a wheelchair who..."

After an hour of going over the script, Catherine was hooked into the sell. Excitement radiated from her. Yes, this was the movie for her. This was just the type of story the masses of moviegoers ate up at the theaters. And, better yet, it was just the type of movie to get some attention in time for next year's awards season. It didn't matter to her who the supporting cast would consist of. She could make this work and surely stand out in this role. She wanted in. Before leaving her meeting with her agent, she asked if they could set up an audition for the lead role. That was when her shark-toothed agent told her an audition had already been set up for her. After all, her agent assured her she realisticly was a lock for this role. Surely, an audition was little more than a mere formality.

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After reading the script for "Jane's Art", Julia Roberts felt better about having Widow Of War being put in a temporary hiatus. In recent pre-production meetings, she had met with the writers and the director, and the vibe just wasn't there between them. She loved this movie, but it seemed she was the only one that did. Drumming up enthusiasm in the pre-production stage of a movie should never be this difficult. The studio demanded full disclosure after each meeting, demanding to know what the hold up was with the movie. The director and writers then went into closed door meetings with the studio heads, which was never a good sign. When the meetings ended, Julia was told the movie was going to be 'temporarily suspended", pending some future decision from the studio. With little to no explanation, pre-production stopped dead in its tracks right then and there.

But it didn't bother Julia.This left her wide open to dive right into this new project, "Jane's Art". As it turns out, her agent was again right on the money. This was truly the type of schlock to make a killing at the box office, and probably earn her a nod for an Oscar. Although her heart wasn't in it, she was sure she could still nail a solid performance of the lead character. "Widow OF War" would just have to settle as a project put on the back-burner for now. Julia grabbed for her phone and dialed her agent.

After the initial requisite of pleasantires, she cut right to the chase. She even felt a shimmer of giddiness and excitement as the distant promise of another potential Oscar-worthy opportunity teased its way through her mind. Memories of past ceremonies, the glitz, the glamour, the hob-knobing and smoozing with the Hollywood elite, and the media firestorm was always so very enticing. It was like a narcotic, and every Hollywood star was equally addicted to the flashing lights and exciting energy that permeates tinseltown during the awards season. And, as with each and every Best Actress winning moment, it all starts the same way; with someone getting "the role." I really want to go ahead with Jane's Art. When can we set up an audition?"

A heavy silence fell over the phone line. At first, Julia wondered if the call dropped out on her. She was expecting to hear the overly enthusiastic response of a very happy, very well paid, agent. "Hello...?"

Her agent let out a fatigued sigh. "Well, this isn't good..." she thought to herself. She steeled herself for what could only be the bad news.

"There was a problem with the script..." he cautiously began.

Julia momentarily flashed with anger. "Agents!" she curesed to herself before steadying her voice, the visions of the awards season evaporating like smoke in a breeze. "Okay, what sort of porblem?"

"Well, it's not so much of a problem as it is a consideration. See, when I called in a favor to get my hands on a copy of this script, I didn't realize Universal had someone else in mind for the lead role."

"Who did they have in mind?" she inquired.

"Catherine Zeta Jones."

Julia fell silent. This certainly was a hitch in her plans. She had worked with Catherine Zeta Jones on Oceans 12 and co-starred alongside her in American Sweethearts. She got along well enough with her to get both films completed, even if she felt Jones did at times seem a little aloof and diva-ish. She did not consider Jones as anything more than an aquintance, certainly not anywhere near the level of a "friend". And, most importantly, nowhere near the capable level of turning "the role" into so much as a nomination for Best Actress.

Julia felt the role slipping right out of her hand through the phone line. Her mind took immediate action. "tell them I'll do it for scale." she blurted, not even thinking it through. Another silence fell over the pone. Unlike before, she knew her agent was still there on the other end, and she could just about hear his knuckles turning bone-whte around his phone. "Julia,..." He started, trying to pull the reigns in on a runaway conversation. "...let's not be too rash, here. Let's just..."

"I want that role, Martin. I can turn that into gold and we both know it. In fact, that's why you got your hands on the script for me in the first place, right?"

"Well, yes,.." Martin felt that extra finder's fee bonus slip right through his fingers. How was he going to ecplain this to his wife, who wanted a five star trip to Paris? "...but I..."

"...No, Martin. Please no "buts"." Please work with me here. This has Oscar gold all over it. I know it'll be a paycut for you, and I apologize for that." She could picture him in his office, red-faced and making a strangling gesture with his free hand. "...But this is a role that may not make it back around to me again for some time. And just think about what it would do for you and the Agency." She hated playing off the need of her fame becoming his source of money, and it was a tricky game to be played when occasions like this arose. She knew he would have little to no trouble whatsoever in coming up with another script for her, like a cheezy romantic comedy, or a family-friendly picture with an equally beneficial payday for the both of them, but she wanted "The Role". Judging by the sound of his breathing, she could tell he was reluctantly coming into agreement with her. All he needed was just one more tiny nudge. "can you please spin a little more magic for me and see to setting up an audition?" She sweetly ventured.

"Of course I can." He relented. "I'll talk to you soon." He gently depressed the clicker in the phone craddle to disconnect the call. Once he double checked to make sure the call was indeed dead, he violently threw his Diet Soda into the nearest wall. With one hand, he reached for his bottle of valiums, while jamming his finger nearly through the call button on his desk to his startled secretary. "Get me Freddie from Universal on the line. Now!"
It took some time, but Martin was finally successful in securing Julia her audition. He was sure Julia would be exstatic, and as her agent, little else mattered. In Hollywood, a happy client is a PROFITIBLE client. Little did Martin know, the audition was agreed upon only becuase they could not get him off the phone. The studio wanted Catherine Zeta Jones, and that was that. That is, until Martin expressed Julia's wish to turn in an Oscar worthy preformance AND work for scale. Of course, it took a while for Martin to devulge what his client was willing to work for, but once he did, the heads at WB nearly suffered whiplash at hearing an A-List star would audition for a role and then work for next to nothing if chosen. They carefully strung Martin along as to not show their hand too quickly. In the end, they convinced Martin that he ended up owing the studio a favor, a position he never felt comfortable with. Meanwhile, Universal began to waver in their doubts about Catherine Zeta Jones. To be safe, though, the studio still honored Jones's audition. It would come right before Julia Roberts's, separated by a comfortable time cushion of 45 minutes, with Jones going on first.
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Could write about a rematch with Cynara and Denise apartment the 70's
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